Wednesday, October 04, 2006

If you own your domain name

If you, like me, own a domain name, you can install wordpress into your domain's cPanel.

A domain is like I own it because I paid for it. You can apply for your own domain at web-hosting website.

You will need to pay a one-time off subsrciption fee and a monthly fee.

Next, to install WordPress, you can download the programme from
Just download the wordpress zip file and using ftp, transfer the files to say for example folder

If not, just by a click, you can use the Fantastico in your cpanel. Just by a click, your wordpress will be up.

Some terms to understand before moving on...

cPanel (control panel) is a graphical web-based management tool, designed to make administration of web sites as easy as possible.(read more...)

Fantastico De Luxe is a third party add on for web hosting management software (read more...)

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Join a Google Adsense Program

Go to and join the Google Adsense program as a web publisher. Google will then place ads on your web site which are related to your content.

Look around this web site, Google Ads are related to "making money" because this Blog shares with you tips on using your blog to earn extra cash.

Likewise for My Wedding Blog, ads are related to "weddings".

Caution: Yes, you can get excited by your source of passive income. DO NOT click on your ads or ask friends to click for you. Google is able to track the address from where the ads are clicked and will MOST LIKELY terminate your account and you can Never apply again...meaning banned... Google takes this seriously.

So just post your ads up and publicise your blog so many readers...say 10,000 readers per day go to your web site. I shall touch on Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) in my future posts...>.<

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Create a Content Rich Site

Find a pool of hungry fishes and throw your bait in. What happens to your bait?

Same thing will happen only if you blog on a niche topic. The bait is just like your blog and the hungry fishes are the readers who flood your blog, only if your blog is sticky enough.

My Wedding Blog was born on 1/8/06 and on 8/9, 157 out of 259 visitors (60.6%) added my blog as favourites. Today is 26/9, 529 out of 771 (68.6%) added my blog as favourites.

I think the reason why they added my site as favourite is because they find the info on my blog of value to them and they will revisit it again for the info they may need in the future.

The content of my site "sticks" onto the readers such that they come back for more.

Be prepared to update your blog with at least a new post everyday for the next 3 months and if your blog is interesting enough, readers will want to come back for more.

Start a blog only if you are ready to put in this amount of effort. Blogging is a life-long journey. >.<

To know how to find a niche topic for your blog, go here.

Friday, September 22, 2006

5 steps to set up a Blog to Earn Money within 1 day

1. Get a domain name..preferably a free one from
2. Sign up for Google ad-sense and wait for approval from Google to verify your site
3. Post at least 10 posts of useful information talking about your topic
4. Submit sites to all the search engines like Yahoo! and Google
5. Msn/ email to friends telling them about your new Blog.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

How this Book can Benefit You?

Have you ever wondered why some people can succeed more financially than others?

How you ever wondered why some people can accumulate massive income over a short period of times?

Have you ever wondered why some people can grow $1 into many many times more?

I will share with you the secrets:
1. First, you got to know the mindset of Millionaires.
2. You got to find out how you can extensively increase your streams of income while keeping your full-day job.

3. You got to find out how to tape the power of Internet to generate wealth for you.
4. You got to learn how to grow passive income like investing and picking stocks llike Warren Buffett.

5. You got to plan and design your road map towards your dream of magnifying and multiplying your income by many times more.
6. You got to find out the last secret...I won't tell you...You got to find out by here for Secrets of Self-Made Millionaires...

Monday, September 18, 2006

Sell Other People's Products - Affiliate Marketing

You can sell other people's products such as e-books (electronic books) which are offered as an affiliate program.

You can get pretty high margins of commissions - up to 50 - 75% on digital products.

You do not need to provide customer service or follow-up, do not need to keep inventory or handle shipping and do not need to set up an ordering, processing & payment system.

The steps you can do RIGHT NOW:
1. Go to or . Below are screenshoots that I have captured.

screen capture of

screen capture of

2. Choose to sell merchant products that offer high commissions. Take into account if the prooduct you are promoting is of good value.

3. Place links on your web site once you have chosen which product to promote and have signed up as an affiliate.

4. Promote the products through your marketing efforts and you will get commissions when your visitor clicks that link and buys the product.

Now, this is the best part!!! Your visitor clicks on the link, buy the products and you will receive the commission. Just wait for your affiliate check to come through the mail!

Earnings can be from a few $100 to over $4ooo within the first few months of selling the products.

I will be posting the next few steps. You can fast forward to your receiving of the cheque by reading Secret of Self-made Millionaires. Don't waste any time now. Time is the essence of determining what pay-cheque you want to receive.

I can personally vouch for it that it is the best book available in the market among my 10 other books on building multiple streams of income. I don't want you to waste other money on other books which are very technical.

This is the only book you need to increase your pay check for this month!!!

So get it here for more...

Sunday, September 17, 2006

What is Internet Business?

When people ask me what is Internet Business, I tell them it is a business done on the internet.

I started to know about Internt Business after I picked up Adam's book - Secret of Self-made Millionaires.

In the book, he listed the features of Internet Business:

1. Easily set up and run while still holding on to a full-time job. Just 2 - 3 hours a day.

2. Earn US dollars using google-adsense and affiliate marketing (more...)

3. Can be a nobody with little money and still create a strong presence.

4. Judged by the quality of the ideas. (more... ...and more

5. Business is open 24 hours, 7 days a week. You make money while you sleep. Isn't that cool?